Lawn Roller 48″ Wide

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Ward’s Equipment Rental is proud to offer the 48″ wide Lawn Roller for rental.

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The Agri-Fab Tow Lawn Roller weighs as much as 550 lbs. when filled with water, 58 lbs. when empty, which makes it great to tackle uneven ground or pack down newly sown seed or sod. This 48″ wide x 18″ diameter is roller constructed of rustproof poly for long-lasting durability.


  • Assembled dimension: 54″ W x 50″ D x 18″ H
  • Poly construction for rustproof durability
  • Scraper bar prevents clumps of soil from being compacted on the roller drum
  • 18″ diameter, 48″ wide, lightweight when empty for easy transport and storage
  • Removable fill plug, empties easily and can be filled with any standard garden hose, 550 lb. capacity when full
  • Roller is ideal for lawns, gardens, ball parks or park services
  • 3-year limited warranty