Lawn Roller 36″ Wide

Ward’s Equipment Rental is proud to offer a 36″ wide Lawn Roller for rental.

Starting at $25.00


This Precision Products PLR1836 lawn roller is easy to use and can be pushed or pulled as required. It’s the ideal tool for correcting uneven ground caused by frost heaves or molehills. After laying down new sod, this roller will smooth any lumps left behind.  After seeding, this roller presses new seeds into the ground, which expedites the germination process. It can also be used to smooth gravel or dirt for driveway, sidewalk, or path prep.

The roller weighs as much as 331 lbs. when filled with water. It features molded spokes for superior strength and integrity. The drum is high quality polyethylene and is incredibly resilient against dents, scratches, and rust. The 36″ diameter is extremely versatile and is perfect for small to mid sized jobs. It is compatible with almost any brand of riding mower, tractor, or ATV with a universal hitch receiver.

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  • Dirt flattening/smoothing
  • Sod packing
  • Gravel flattening/smoothing

Product Features:

  • Steel bar tow frame
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Easy to use drain/fill plug
  • Molded spokes

Product Specifications:

  • Roller dimensions: 54″ W x 50″ D x 18″ H
  • Weight (empty): 49 lbs.
  • Weight (full of water): 331 lbs.
  • Hitch type: Universal
36 in lawn roller
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