FAQs & Policies

Contract Terms & Conditions

Equipment Rental Policies

  • A valid driver’s license and credit/debit card are required for all rental transactions (names on both pieces of identification must match).
  • The customer pays for the time he/she has the item (including weekends and holidays), not the time used.
  • For an additional fee, delivery is available for all rental equipment.
  • The customer is responsible for loss or damage to the equipment while in his/her possession, except in case of equipment failure.
  • Ward’s Rental Center offers damage waiver protection on equipment; this is optional but recommended.
  • In case of equipment failure or components (such as blades) wearing out, the customer should contact Ward’s Rental as soon as possible to remedy the situation.
  • Customers returning equipment in dirty condition will be assessed a cleaning fee starting at $25.00.
  • Customer contract will reflect most current pricing and supersedes brochure or website prices.


Tent Rental Policies

Reservations: Verbal inquiries by customers are never considered reservations. Items may not be removed from your order fewer than 4 days before your event. You may add items to your order at any time subject to additional delivery and product availability.

Rental Agreement:  All customers are required to sign a rental agreement prior to installation. If lessee named on agreement is unable to be present when installers are scheduled, please contact us at least one week in advance. A signature or email message stating approval of this form will be interpreted as binding with the terms and conditions stated on both sides of contract.  For a complete copy of rental contract terms and conditions, click here.

Scheduling: Our default installation days are Thursday and Friday, and take-down days are Sunday and Monday.  If your event requires setup or take-down on a different day, a $45.00 fee may be added.

Deposits:  A valid credit card number and expiration date are required to secure your reservation. Rentals totaling less than $500.00 require a $50.00 deposit. Rentals totaling $500.00 or more require a $200.00 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.  School and church groups may be exempt from this requirement if prior arrangements are made. If unable to pay the deposit using a valid credit card number, our standard deposit amount can be paid using cash or check but reservation is not confirmed until deposit is received.

Final Payments: Credit card and check final payments are due the Monday before your rental. In the case of a bounced or cancelled check, the customer will be responsible to reimburse us all associated costs from our banking institution. If your deposit was made using a credit card, the remaining balance will be automatically charged using the same credit card unless otherwise specified by you. If you refuse set-up or delivery, you will be charged 50% of the rental fee.

Severe Weather:  Ward’s Rental Center reserves the right to delay set-up and/or removal of rental equipment in case of severe weather, or if a severe thunderstorm warning is present.  We will proceed with set-up or removal once the severe weather has cleared.  WARNING:  Our rental tents were manufactured for use as a temporary structure and should not be considered safe during severe weather.  If severe weather is present or approaching, we recommend that all occupants evacuate the structure and seek shelter in an appropriate location until the severe weather has passed.  If at any time any persons feel unsafe inside the structure for any reason, they should leave the structure immediately.
Underground Utilities and Equipment:  Tent installers must drive very long stakes into the ground to properly secure your tent.  It is the customer’s responsibility to properly mark (or have marked) the location of all underground utilities, sprinklers, septic fields or tanks, and any other underground equipment.  Ward’s Rental Center, its employees, and its contractors will not be held responsible for any damage caused to any underground utilities or equipment that has not been properly marked prior to the installers’ arrival.  We schedule multiple tent installations on the same day and cannot delay installations while lines are being marked.  Please prepare the site at least one day before installation.
Use of Public Property:  Most municipalities have additional insurance requirements when setting up on public property.  Some municipalities may also require a permit to be issued.  It is the customer’s responsibility to find out these requirements, if any, and communicate that information to us. Customers are responsible for permit fees, park entry fees, and scheduling alternate installation and removal days if necessary.
Use of Private Property:  If setting up at a commercial property or a property being rented or leased, it is the customer’s responsibility to seek permission from the land owner to set up on the property.
Damage to Ground Cover and Pavement:  We will not be held responsible for any damage caused to sod, grass, asphalt, or concrete before, during, or after installation.  Our policy is that we install/deliver equipment to the closest location we are able to place our delivery truck.  Much of the equipment we carry is very heavy and must be offloaded directly from the truck. If your desired installation location is not accessible by a box truck, please notify your reservation manager.  That will allow us to bring the appropriate moving devices and price the job accordingly. This will also allow us to allocate the appropriate amount of time for installation.
Equipment Damage or Abuse:  We do not hold our customers responsible for equipment failure from normal use and when our equipment has been used as instructed.  However, the customer is responsible for any damage caused due to abuse or misuse of our equipment while in their possession.  The customer is not permitted to set up, move or repair the rental tent(s) or any items attached to it.  The customer is not permitted to attach anything to the canopy (tent) by any means (tape, glue, rope, etc.)  If repair or replacement of our equipment is required due to misuse or abuse whether by the customer or anyone present at their event, we will charge the customer’s credit card to either repair or replace our equipment as needed.  If a credit card was not used to secure  your reservation, we will still require the fees necessary for repair or replacement of the equipment in cash or check within 7 days of your rental.
Equipment Cleaning:  We expect that our tables and chairs are returned to us in the condition delivered. Although a small amount of dirt is expected, we do require our tables and chairs, at a minimum, be wiped down after the event, removing all food or foreign objects, and that any spill be cleaned up as quickly as possible in order to help prevent staining.  The customer will be charged a minimum $20.00 cleaning fee for dirty equipment that could have been prevented.
Damage from Silly String-type substances:  If Silly String or a similar substance is permitted to come in contact with any part of the rental tent, chairs or side walls, a minimum $500.00 cleaning fee shall be automatically imposed by Ward’s Rental Center and shall be immediately due from the customer.  If, in our opinion the damage is severe enough to render the unit unusable or permanently stained, the customer will be responsible for the complete replacement of the canopy, sidewall, chairs or any damaged pieces.  In addition, the customer will be responsible for any loss in revenue until the new or repaired canopy, sidewall(s), chair(s) or other damaged pieces arrive.
Damage from Tape or Other Adhesives:  Under no circumstances is tape or any other adhesive substance permitted to be attached or adhered to the tent canopy (top) or poles at any time.  If it is found that tape or any type of adhesive was attached or adhered to the canopy the customer will automatically be billed $250 to their credit card plus the cost of professional repair of any damage caused to the canopy by application or removal of such substances.
Delivery and Set-up policy:
Part A.  You must be immediately reachable by phone on the Monday before your party for scheduling, on the evening before your scheduled delivery date, and also on the day of delivery until set-up has occurred. If we have trouble finding your requested set-up location and we are unable to reach you, we will attempt to locate you for 10 minutes while continuing to contact you via the phone number you provided us.  If after 10 minutes we are still unable to locate you, we will proceed to our next delivery.  You will still be held responsible for 50% of the rental agreement and we will not be held responsible for any problems you encounter as a result of our inability to deliver your equipment. PLEASE PROVIDE A CELL PHONE NUMBER.  WE WILL BE CONTACTING YOU.  UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS WITH YOUR RESERVATION MANAGER IN ORDER FOR YOU TO BE ABSENT, YOU MUST BE ON SITE FOR DELIVERY.
Part B.  The delivery time is assigned to your rental the Monday before your party by 7:00 PM. During that phone call we will indicate a 2-hour window as to when we anticipate the arrival.  Please expect a scheduling call the Monday before your rental.  Depending on our scheduling, delivery and/or set-up may occur up to 96 hours before the date of your event but typical installations for tents that are 20′ x 40′ and smaller are done on Friday.  Weddings and tents that require a 40′ x 40′ or larger are typically installed on Thursday at no additional charge.  Pick-up will occur 1 – 2 days after your event. Please let your reservation manager know if you have a preference.
Part C. Delivery fee structure:  All of our tents/tent packages valued at less than $400.00 that are installed within a 30-minute drive from our location include set-up, take-down, pick-up, and delivery for no additional charge.  Tents/tent packages valued at more than $400.00 that are installed within a 45-minute drive from our location include set-up, take-down, pick-up, and delivery for no additional charge.  This service includes delivery and pickup at your event location, as well as setup and removal of the rental items at your location.  It includes delivery of tables and chairs under the canopy or placed inside a garage. Customers are responsible for setup and folding of tables and chairs prior to your scheduled pick up date and time.
Part D.  The dimensions of your requested set-up site must be at least 7 feet wider than the tent dimensions in each direction to allow for staking of the equipment in place.  In addition, the area must be free from overhead obstructions including trees and wires.  The area must be free from animal excrement, vegetation, and sharp gravel.  If upon our arrival we determine the area is unsuitable for assembly of the rental equipment due to any of the previously listed conditions or any safety issues, or if we find the set-up location inaccessible, the customer will be charged 50% of the rental fee.  If you are unsure whether or not your site meets the requirements of Part D or any other part of this rental policy, please call Ward’s Rental Center and we will provide you with a site inspection prior to your event date.  During our free inspection, we may explain to you which conditions of your event location do not meet our requirements.  Site inspection is free inside our local delivery area.  If the customer orders a canopy from us and on the delivery date we find that the desired area is too small or there are overhead obstructions that make it impossible or unsafe to place the tent, and the customer did not request our site inspection, the customer will be billed 50% of the total fee for the ordered tent.
Return of Tables and Chairs:  After your event, you are responsible for folding all tables and chairs and placing them neatly under the canopy or location delivered to await pickup. Under no circumstance is the customer permitted to disassemble any part of the rental tent, side walls or lighting. If we find any  part of the tent or canopy was disassembled, the customer will be charged a minimum $20 disassembly fee.

Delivery and Pickup of Tables and Chairs

When you rent tables and chairs in addition to a tent, we deliver them as depicted below. They will be stacked neatly underneath the tent so that you can arrange them as you wish.

We request that you fold and stack them neatly this way by 8:30 am on the day of pickup. Your cooperation allows us to keep delivery costs to a minimum and offer the most competitive rental rates in Southeast Michigan!


Price Match Policy

Customer must provide a proposal/quote for a comparable product/item based on current pricing.
Competitor company must have a physical location within 50 miles of Hamburg, MI.
Item must be a comparable brand, size, model, and condition to the equivalent item available at Ward’s Rental Center.

Matched price must include all insurance, damage waivers, delivery fees, and other additional costs. (When all costs are factored in, Ward’s Rental Center price is often the most affordable!)
Rental time period must be for the exact same duration (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly).
Program may change without notice; please call Ward’s Rental Center for the most current information