Cement Track Power Buggy

Starting at $125.00

The Whiteman WTB-16 Series power buggy has earned a reputation as the most durable and dependable design on the market.

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The Whiteman WTB-16 Series power buggy features an aggressive track pattern enabling the buggy to travel effortlessly through soft soils and muddy site conditions.

  • Optimal traction and durability assured by steel embedded ladder track design
  • Rugged cast-iron undercarriage guide wheels
  • Low maintenance hydraulic design eliminates wear parts such as belt-drives and drive couplers
  • High torque drive motors propel the buggy through tough conditions and offer fail-safe braking
  • Versatile tub offers 16 ft.³ (2,500 LB.) capacity and polyethylene construction for easy cleaning
  • Narrow width allows the buggy to pass through doorways or confined areas
  • Travel efficiently around the site with speeds of 5.7 MPH unloaded and 4.7 MPH loaded
  • Easy steering dual control levers allow the operator to control the unit while minimizing fatigue
  • Powerful and reliable Honda GX690 engine produces 22 horsepower
  • Long run times are achieved with 5 gallon capacity fuel tank

Knowledgebase: Pre-operation Inspection