Hilti TE 3000-AVR Electric Demolition Hammer

The Hilti TE 3000-AVR is a high-performance demolition hammer designed for heavy-duty concrete and masonry demolition tasks. It features Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) for reduced operator fatigue, a maintenance-free brushless SR motor for durability, and a wide range of compatibility with chisels and bits. This ergonomic and versatile tool is perfect for professional users seeking power, precision, and safety on the job site.

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The Hilti TE 3000-AVR is a powerful and versatile demolition hammer designed for heavy-duty concrete and masonry demolition tasks. Key features include:

  1. High Performance: The Hilti TE 3000-AVR is a high-performance demolition hammer that delivers impressive power to quickly break through tough materials, including concrete, asphalt, and masonry.
  2. Active Vibration Reduction (AVR): The “AVR” in the product name stands for Active Vibration Reduction, a technology that significantly reduces vibration levels during operation. This feature enhances operator comfort and reduces the risk of long-term injury associated with extended use.
  3. Ergonomic Design: The tool is designed with the operator in mind, featuring ergonomic handles and controls to minimize user fatigue and improve handling during long working hours.
  4. Versatility: The TE 3000-AVR is suitable for a wide range of demolition applications, such as breaking up concrete floors, removing tiles, chiseling, trenching, and more.
  5. Maintenance-Free Brushless SR Motor: This demolition hammer is equipped with a brushless SR (Switched Reluctance) motor, which is known for its durability and reduced maintenance requirements. It provides consistent power without the need for carbon brushes.
  6. Active Torque Control (ATC): The Active Torque Control feature helps protect the operator from sudden tool rotation by quickly shutting off the motor in case of a sudden twist or bind-up.
  7. Transport Wheels: For ease of mobility, the TE 3000-AVR comes with transport wheels that allow you to move the tool around the job site with minimal effort.
  8. Tool Compatibility: This Hilti demolition hammer is compatible with a wide range of chisels and bits, providing flexibility for different demolition tasks.
  9. Durability: Hilti products are known for their robust construction, and the TE 3000-AVR is no exception. It is built to withstand the rigors of demanding job sites.
  10. Safety Features: Hilti prioritizes safety, and the TE 3000-AVR includes safety features such as an anti-vibration side handle and a power reduction switch for starting the tool on a smooth surface, reducing the initial force when the tool starts.

This demolition hammer rental is suitable for small to medium jobs. To rent a hydraulic breaker attachment for a bobcat, click here.


  • Concrete removal
  • Demolition
  • Road patch work
  • Foundation removal
  • Asphalt repair

Product Features:

  • Over 50 ft. lbs. of impact energy for outstanding demolition performance
  • Active Vibration Reduction
  • Self sharpening chisels
  • Detachable cord
  • Brushless motor

Product Specifications:

Machine Weight (without battery)59.7 lbs
Machine Length32.3 in
Machine Width23.1 in
Machine Height8.6 in
Working DirectionFloor
Blows Per Minute858 bpm

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