Cement Grinder

The Edco SEC-1.5L 1.5HP Electric Single Disc Floor Grinder is ideal for smoothing, cleaning, thin coating removal, and prepping surfaces.

Starting at $55.00


This cement grinder rental is an excellent fit for both contractors and homeowners. It is ideal for areas that are 1,500 square feet or less. It can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

This cement grinder completes a plethora of projects with ease, speed, and power. It grinds concrete, helps repair damaged slabs, and can also remove urethanes from existing concrete slabs. The 11″ working width grinds approximately 250 sq. ft per hour. It also features easy-rolling rubber wheels with a steel core. Additionally, it features two side mounted lifting handles for easy transport. Lastly, the grinder is powered by a standard 120v cord and comes with a long 25″ cord.

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  • Grinding concrete
  • Repairing damaged concrete slabs
  • Removing urethanes or epoxy thin-coats
  • Leveling high spots or surface imperfections
  • Smoothing rough surfaces, rain marks, or trowel marks
  • Removing mastics, thin-sets, paint build-ups, resins

Product Features:

  • Outstanding working width
  • Round shroud grinds tight against walls
  • Rubber wheels with a steel core
  • 25′ power cord
  • Accessory toolbox tray
  • Side mounted lifting handles

Product Specifications:

  • Engine power: 1.5 HP
  • Grinder speed: 575 RPM
  • Length: 41″
  • Width: 21″
  • Height: 36″
  • Grinder Weight: 152 lbs


Cement grinder
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