Genie Scissor Lift – 26′

The Genie GS-2632 is a versatile slab scissor lift designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It provides a maximum platform height of approximately 26 feet and a platform capacity of up to 500 pounds, allowing for efficient access to elevated areas. The scissor lift features a compact design with a narrow width, making it maneuverable in tight spaces. It is equipped with electric drive motors, ensuring quiet and emission-free operation. The GS-2632 includes intuitive controls, essential safety features, and easy transport and setup options, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of construction, maintenance, and installation tasks.

Starting at $215.00


This scissor lift rental can be used for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance, and installation on firm, level surfaces. The quiet, zero emission battery power means that you can operate the machine without needing ventilation or disrupting those around you. The controls for the lift and drive functions are conveniently located on the working platform. The compact size of the lift makes it ideal for working in smaller, narrower spaces.

The large platform features 36″roll out extension, which gives the user more than enough room to work with. The high angle steering allows the lift to turn on a dime. The working platform has folding rails and a half height swing gate for easy entry and exit. For added safety, it features an emergency stop on the platform and the ground controls as well.

Delivery rates for scissor lifts are as follows:

  • For delivery times of 1-44 min: $125 round trip ($62.50 each way)
  • For delivery times of 45-75 min: $200 round trip ($100 each way)

For delivery times exceeding 75 minutes, call for a custom quote!

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  • Indoor/outdoor maintenance projects
  • Sign maintenance
  • Wiring/electrical
  • Ceiling construction
  • Lighting projects

Product Features:

  • Quiet, zero emission operation
  • Large working platform
  • Compact size
  • Solid non marking tires
  • Multiple disc brakes for smooth deceleration

Product Specifications:

Maximum Platform Height32 ft 1 in
Capacity500 lbs
Machine Width2 ft 8 in
Machine Length8 ft
Machine Weight4,729 lbs

Knowledge Base: View This Machine In Action

Genie Scissor Lift Rental
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