Man Lift 45′ (Drivable)

The Haulotte 45XA Drivable Man Lift is a versatile and reliable aerial work platform designed for industrial and construction applications. It offers a working height of 51 feet and an outreach of 27 feet. With a lift capacity of 500lbs, it can safely transport workers and equipment to desired heights. The drivable feature and various steering modes enable precise positioning and maneuverability in confined spaces. Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, tilt alarms, and platform entry gates ensure the well-being of operators and workers. Overall, the Haulotte 45XA Drivable Man Lift offers an optimal combination of reach, stability, maneuverability, and safety for efficient elevated access.

*Transporting this man lift requires an equipment trailer or we offer delivery and pickup.

Starting at $260.00


This man lift rental is quick, practical, and user-friendly. It has a working height of 51 feet and a reach of 27 feet. The platform and ground controls have a user friendly display panel and the hydraulic outriggers and automatic leveling allow operation in under 30 seconds.  The lift’s high-performance 4WD and light weight mean that users are able to access the places that larger and heavier machines cannot go. It has a dual power source (DC/gas), which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

To make sure you have the tools needed for the job, this man lift has a built-in 110V power supply, an air supply, and a pressure quick connect right in the bucket. It also features an automatic, self-leveling hydraulic outrigger system that allows for a quick and easy setup.

This drivable man lift is easily transported on a trailer, and Ward’s Rental offers economical rates for both trailer rentals and delivery /pickup.

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Product Applications

  • Tree trimming
  • Power washing
  • Roofing
  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Signs
  • Gutters
  • Siding

Product Features

  • Self-leveling system
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Air and water lines to platform
  • 110V GFI protected outlet to platform and base
  • Large 2 person platform
  • 4 wheel steering
  • Tilt alarm / sensor
  • 4,000 W generator

Product Specifications

Working Height51 ft
Platform Height45 ft
Horizontal Outreach27 ft
Lift Capacity500 lbs
Platform Size5' x 2'6"
Drive Speed4.75 mph max
Stowing Dimensions18'2" x 5'6" x 6'7" (LxWxH)

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