Drum Sander (Belt style)

Starting at $45.00

Ward’s Equipment Rental is proud to offer the Essex Silverline SL-8 Drum Sander for rental.



This sander allows every customer to achieve professional results easily and safely. It features a 1 hp constant speed motor and soft rubber drum with a unique cam locking system–the sandpaper is held between 2 spring-loaded cams. The slow (1800 RPM) constant speed of the drum will not gouge floors. The tilt action allows for more controlled and even sanding. The weight of the machine is specifically designed and evenly distributed for the best results.


  • 1-hp, completely sealed, repulsion-induction Baldor motor
  • Standard 8” width aluminum drum core covered with soft rubber
  • Spring-loaded cam paper locking system takes 8 x 20 3/16” paper
  • Drum runs at 1800 RPM constantly on 14 amps (standard household current)
  • Repulsion-induction feature virtually eliminates brush wear by using centrifugal force when the motor is up to speed
  • Weight: 115 lbs.

Knowledgebase: How to Install Paper in the SL-8

How to Operate the SL-8