Submersible Utility Pump (Garden Hose Discharge)

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Our Submersible Pump is designed for many different applications and can remove water all the way down to 1/4″ of the surface. ¬† It has a discharge fitting that will fit any standard garden hose.

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Ward’s Rental is proud to rent this residue dewatering pump. It’s able to pump down to the floor, even the smallest puddle can be pumped dry. LSC drainage pump is the best for complete drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not available.¬† It has a stainless steel screen to prevent¬†anything too large from entering the pump. It is overload-protected to avoid motor¬†burnouts and it will automatically restart the pump when it is safe to continue operation.¬† Wired with an¬†20-ft. cord and¬†3-prong grounding plug, the lifting handle allows¬†users to¬†easily¬†carry or¬†suspend the pump¬†in the desired location to remove water.¬† Equipped¬†with a¬†standard discharge¬†outlet (garden hose NOT supplied) that¬†will fit¬†any standard garden hose. ¬† This¬†pump can move up to 2700 gallons per hour and has a maximum lift of 25 ft. ¬†For moving larger amounts of water, please¬†consider the Submersible Pump (2″ Discharge). ¬† ¬† If you in an area that does not have electricity and a 3″ Gas Powered Pump would work consider our 3″ Centrifugal Pump.


  • Basements
  • Holding tanks
  • Boats
  • Pools
  • Flat roofs
  • Low surface areas
  • And more…