Safety Work Platform Telehandler Attachment

Elevate your worksite safety with our Safety Work Platform Telehandler Attachment. Designed to securely fit onto telehandlers, this platform provides a stable and enclosed area for operators to work at height, complete with guardrails and safety harness attachment points. Enhance productivity while ensuring the utmost safety for your team with this essential rental accessory.

Starting at $100.00


Rent the Safety Work Platform Attachment, the ultimate solution to elevate your forklift into a versatile aerial work platform. With this innovative attachment, you can access areas that traditional telehandlers simply can’t reach, providing unparalleled flexibility on the job site.

Crafted with a robust expanded metal deck, this platform offers a wider work area compared to boom lifts, ensuring ample space for efficient operation. With a remarkable 1,000 lbs platform load capacity and a full perimeter guard rail system, safety is paramount. Experience peace of mind knowing your team is protected by a sturdy guardrail system that eliminates loose movement and allows for easy replacement of individual rails in case of damage.

Transportation is made effortless with removable guardrails that can be laid flat inside the platform. Plus, spring-loaded latches and hinges ensure gates automatically close, further enhancing safety protocols.

Equipped with universal ‘slip-on-forks,’ this attachment seamlessly fits both extended reach and straight mast forklifts with a 48″ or wider carriage and 48″ long forks. It accepts forks up to 7″ wide and 2¾” thick, ensuring compatibility across various forklift models.

Transform your forklift into a secure and efficient aerial work platform with the Safety Work Platform Attachment. Elevate productivity while prioritizing safety on every job site.

Experience hassle-free equipment delivery with our transparent pricing model. Delivery rates are as follows:

  • For delivery times of 1-44 min: $350 round trip ($175 each way)
  • For delivery times of 45-75 min: $450 round trip ($225 each way)

For delivery times exceeding 75 minutes, call for a custom quote!

Product Application

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Utilities and infrastructure
  • Facility maintenance (commercial buildings, schools, hospitals)
  • Outdoor maintenance (landscaping, outdoor facilities)
  • Event setup and maintenance

Product Features

  • Expanded metal deck for a wider work platform
  • 1,000 lbs platform load capacity
  • Full perimeter guard rail system for superior safety
  • Strong and rigid modular component guardrail design
  • Removable guardrails for easy transportation
  • Universal ‘slip-on-forks’ for easy attachment
  • Compatible with both extended reach and straight mast forklifts
  • Accepts forks up to 7″ wide and 2¾” thick
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI standards for safety compliance

Product Specifications

Platform Width4 in x 9.8 in
Platform Weight575 lbs
Weight Capacity1,000 lbs
Max Persons4

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