Classen TR-20H Turf Rake Dethatcher (Gas-powered)

The Classen TR-20H Turf Rake Dethatcher is a gas-powered lawn maintenance machine designed to effectively remove thatch and debris from grass surfaces. This equipment combines the functions of a rake and a dethatcher, making it suitable for revitalizing lawns by promoting healthy grass growth.

Starting at $55.00


The Classen TR-20H Turf Rake Dethatcher stands as a robust and dependable gas-powered lawn care machine designed to elevate the health and vibrancy of your lawn. It combines the functions of a rake and a dethatcher to remove excess thatch from your lawn so that nutrients, air, and water can reach the soil, providing you with a lush and revitalized outdoor space.

Equipped with adjustable depth settings, the Classen TR-20H offers a customizable approach to lawn care. This feature allows you to adapt the dethatcher’s performance based on the specific needs of your lawn. Whether you’re dealing with light thatch or a more substantial buildup, the Classen TR-20H can be fine-tuned to achieve optimal results without causing unnecessary disruption to the turf.

Furthermore, the Classen TR-20H excels in debris management. In addition to thatch, the rotating tines are adept at lifting and collecting other debris such as fallen leaves, dead grass, and small twigs. This dual functionality not only streamlines the lawn care process but also leaves your lawn looking immaculate and well-groomed.

Its gas-powered efficiency ensures you have the power needed to tackle larger areas while maintaining consistent performance. Designed for both residential and commercial use, the Classen TR-20H is a favored choice for homeowners, landscapers, and groundskeepers alike.

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  • Thatch removal
  • Debris removal
  • Lawn renovation and maintenance

Product Features:

  • High-performance engine
  • Folding handle for easy transportation
  • 5 position single action height adjustment
  • Flail blades

Product Specifications:

Machine Length44 in
Machine Width27 in
Machine Height40 in
Folded Dimensions LxWxH31 in x 27 in x 26 in
Weight135 lbs
Operating Width20 in

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