Whiteman MC12PH Concrete Mixer

The Whiteman MC12PH Concrete Mixer is a portable, towable mixer designed to make your small to medium-sized concrete mixing projects a breeze. It is commonly used in construction, DIY projects, and small-scale concrete production. The mixer is powered by a Honda gasoline engine, providing reliable performance and easy operation.

Starting at $65.00


The Whiteman MC12PH Concrete Mixer has a drum capacity of 12 cubic feet,  allowing for a substantial amount of concrete to be mixed in each batch. Additionally, the EASYCLEAN™ polyethylene makes cleaning quick and easy.

The durable construction and reliable design make this concrete mixer the right choice for the homeowner or professional contractor.  A portable cement mixer helps you finish your concrete job more efficiently and effectively. Skip mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow or bucket — instead, mix it in the drum that easily swivels to mix the concrete with ease. This versatile tool is easy to maneuver, thanks to its wide, solid steel base, oversized wheels and easy-to-grip handles.



  • Mixing
  •  Concrete Work
  • Spread dumping
  • Landscaping work

Product Features:

  • Sturdy polyethylene tub
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Heavy duty retractable tow bar
  • Easy operation
  • Powerful Honda Engine
  • Large multi-position dump wheel

Product Specifications:

Engine Fuel Type Gasoline
Drum Capacity12 cu ft (339 Liters) (1.5 ~ 2 bags)
Discharge Height23 in
Drum Opening20 in
Drum Depth35.5 in
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