Aluminum Brake 10’6″

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Van Mark Products like this aluminum brake are known for their superior quality, portability, lightweight design, heavy-weight capability, and durability.

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The Mark 1 Series AluminumĀ Brake is the first true cam-locking system in the industry, made of aircraft-grade aluminum castings. It features fewer parts combined with a rugged durable design that increases on-the-job performance while extending the brake service life. An impressive array of bending capabilities put the Mark 1 in a class by itself. The Mark 1 SeriesĀ Aluminum Brake is the only brake on the market able to handle both residential and commercial applications without constant adjustments.Ā Ā This 10’6″ AluminumĀ Brake can be easily loaded into a pickupĀ truck.



  • Ribbed Rake Edge
  • Soffit / Fascia
  • Window Casing / J Channel
  • Ribbed Corner Post
  • Window / Undersill
  • Brick Mold Fascia

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