Extension Cord 50′ (Heavy Duty)

Heavy Duty 50? Extension Cord



Ward’s Rental is proud to offer this Yellow Jacket heavy duty extension cord rental. Whether you need an extension cord for an outdoor project or for indoor use, this cord gets the job done and can handle more than most commercially available cords.

Firstly, this cord features extra heavy duty clear molded plugs with lighted ends. These plugs provide a solid connection and also instantly inform you whether the other end is plugged in. No more guessing! Secondly, the cord itself features a high-durability PVC jacket. This cord jacket provides industry leading strength, flexibility, as well as weather resistance. No matter what the jobsite or the Michigan weather throws at you, this extension cord rental can handle it all with ease. Finally, this cord is 50′ long- plenty of length for any job.

This extension cord rental is suitable for large power tools like our Vibratory Floor Sander. If you are unsure whether or not the cord will be suitable for your job, please feel free to give us a call at (810) 231-7368.

Power Applications:

  • Outdoor construction
  • Indoor construction
  • Power tools
  • Electric heaters
  • Fans
  • Battery chargers

Product Features:

  • Heavy duty cord jacket provides flexibility and protects cord from the elements
  • Illuminated ends
  • Excellent flexibility
  • 3-prong plug type
  • Brightly colored for high visibility

Product Specifications:

  • Wire gauges available: 10-14 gauge
  • Cord length: 50′
  • OSHA Compliant: Yes
  • Power capacity: Up to 15 amps
  • Plug type: 3-prong
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