Man Lift 45′ (Towable)

Starting at $175.00

The Bil-Jax 4527A trailer-mounted towable man lift is a safe, economical, and easy way to help homeowners and contractors complete those jobs that are just out of reach.



The Bil-Jax 45′ Man Lift was designed to be quick, practical, and user friendly. The platform and ground controls have an easy-to-understand display panel that has simple buttons surrounding a single machine image for easy identification and operation. This articulated aerial man lift runs off 4 rechargeable deep cycle marine batteries that can typically power a full day’s usage. It can also be plugged in.

To make sure you have the tools needed for the job, this man lift has a built-in 110V power supply with 2 outlets, air supply, and pressure quick connect right in the bucket. The lift can safely reach to a 51′ working height, 27′ outreach, and features an automatic, self-leveling hydraulic outrigger system that allows for quick and easy setup.

After a quick demonstration and a few tips from our staff, anyone can feel comfortable using the machine. This unit can be towed with vehicles 1/2 ton and larger, with a class 3 mounted hitch and 2″ ball. Safety harness and lanyard also available.


  • Tree Trimming
  • Power Washing
  • Roofing
  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Signs
  • Gutters
  • and much more

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