Skid Steer Soil Conditioner (Hydraulic)

Starting at $125.00

Ward’s Equipment Rental is pleased to rent the Bobcat 72″ Skid Steer Soil Conditioner (Hydraulic) attachment for use with any of our other Bobcat equipment except the compact skid loader.

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Prepare your land and lay a good foundation with this soil conditioner attachment. This conditioner allows you to pulverize the soil while leveling and filling in fewer passes. The rotating drum is equipped with carbide-tipped teeth, which rip through clumps and penetrate the soil. To level and grade a surface, lock the drum for a box blade effect. You can also place the drum in the float position to prepare the soil while following the contours of the terrain. The direct drive hydraulic motor eliminates the need for sprockets and chains. The soil conditioner is a versatile, cost-effective attachment no landscaping crew should be without.

Note: this attachment MUST be rented with one of our skid steers.


  • Carbide-tipped teeth
  • Direct drive hydraulic motor
  • Drum positioning for custom control
  • Foam-filled tires to avoid flat tires on the job
  • Integrated controls inside the cab
  • Front bolster delivers better grade control; can be flipped up for storage or transport
  • Oscillating bolster keeps the drum parallel to the ground and minimizes elevation changes from bumps and potholes
  • Removable end plates for achieving a box blade effect
  • Rubber flap keeps large material from going over the drum and allows finer material through

Watch this Tool in Action:

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