20′ x 20′ Pole Tent

20x20PoleTentOur 20’ x 20’ canopy pole tents are a versatile option for a wide variety of events. They feature a single peak design and are made of lightweight vinyl designed to shelter against sunlight and inclement weather. These tents are perfect for small events and spaces where a larger canopy will not fit. They can also be used in addition to a larger tent as a food service or beverage tent. Perimeter lighting can also be added to help make your evening events safer and more appealing to your guests. Solid and cathedral windowed walls are also available to add weather protection and style.


The 20′ x 20′ pole tent requires a 28′ x 28′ space for installation.  This tent is designed to be installed on a soft surface (e.g., grass) so that it can be staked properly. Our installers drive stakes into the ground around the perimeter to secure the tent. IMPORTANT: Ward’s Rental Center DOES NOT assume responsibility for underground utilities. Please identify all underground structures, cabling, and/or pipes at least two weeks before installation. Call Miss Digg @ 811 to schedule a free layout of where your utilities are located. Please note that Miss Digg does not mark sprinkler lines, well supply lines, or any underground utilities installed without permits. It is your responsibility to be present on site and let your installer know what area(s) to avoid.

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