40′ x 120′ Pole Tent


Our 40’ x 100’ tent is the nicest tent in its class available in southeast Michigan, providing interior spaciousness, elegant quadruple peak design, and a 22’ cathedral ceiling.

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Our 40’ x 120’ pole tent is a very unique and elegant canopy, providing interior spaciousness, a distinctive five-peak design, symmetrical curvature, and a 22’ cathedral ceiling. This 4,800 square foot tent is perfect for many different events, including but not limited to: large parties, festivals, fundraisers, weddings, company picnics and commercial functions.


This pole tent requires a 52’ x 132’ space (footprint) for staking.  The tent features a six-piece seamless appearing top that is made of 16-oz. vinyl and laminated polyester to block out the sun. The installation is quick and easy, allowing you more time to set up your tables and chairs. We provide double web ratchets at each corner of the tent to assure uniform tensioning. The unique single-piece center poles allow for quick setup and break down, and are also more cosmetically appealing than multiple piece center poles. Fluted aluminum side poles provide a high quality modern look compared to the traditional wood poles that are prone to scratches. Perimeter lighting can also be added to help make your evening events safer and more appealing to your guests. Solid and cathedral windowed walls are also available to add weather protection and style.


40’ x 120’ pole tents can seat a MAXIMUM of 320 guests around our 60″ round tables, 416 guests around our 8′ banquet tables, and 600 guests with chairs only (ceremony seating which includes aisle). Round tables take up 100 square feet, banquet tables take up 75 square feet, and ceremony seating takes 8 square feet per chair. If you are unsure of of the appropriate tent size for your event, please call us and we can help make the proper selection. Our experts can also help you with your layout and calculate the space needed for your desired concessions: DJ, photo booths, gift tables, etc.


• Guests seated at round tables – 12 sq. ft. per person
• 5’ round cake or guest book table – 75 sq. ft.
• Guests seated at banquet tables – 10 sq. ft. per person
• Gift table – 100 sq. ft.
• Theater seating or standing – 4 sq ft. per person
• Bar – 150 sq. ft.
• Guests standing with some small tables – 8 sq. ft. per person
• Disc jockey – 50 sq. ft.
• Head table – 20 sq. ft. per person
• Band – 30 sq. ft. per person
• Buffet table – 100 sq. ft.
• Dance floor – 4 sq. ft. per person
• 4’ round cake, beverage or guest book table – 50 sq. ft.


This tent is designed to be installed on a soft surface (e.g., grass) so that it can be staked properly. Our installers drive stakes into the ground around the perimeter to keep the canvas open and to secure the tent.  IMPORTANT: Ward’s Rental Center DOES NOT assume responsibility for underground utilities.  Please identify all underground structures, cabling, and/or pipes at least two weeks before installation. Call Miss Digg @ 811 to schedule a free layout of where your utilities are located.  Please note that Miss Digg does not mark sprinkler lines, well supply lines, or any underground utilities installed without permits.  It is your responsibility to be on site and let your installer know what area(s) to avoid.