Rental Policies

Equipment Rental Policies

  • A valid driver’s license and credit/debit card are required for all rental transactions (names on both pieces of identification must match).
  • The customer pays for the time he/she has the item (including weekends and holidays), not the time used.
  • For an additional fee, delivery is available for all rental equipment.
  • The customer is responsible for loss or damage to the equipment while in his/her possession, except in case of equipment failure.
  • Ward’s Rental Center offers damage waiver protection on equipment; this is optional but recommended.
  • In case of equipment failure or components (such as blades) wearing out, the customer should contact Ward’s Rental as soon as possible to remedy the situation.
  • Customers returning equipment in dirty condition will be assessed a cleaning fee starting at $25.00.
  • Customer contract will reflect most current pricing and supersedes brochure or website prices.

Tent and Party Rental Policies

Tent Delivery Range: Tent rental prices include setup, take down, pickup and delivery within a 30-minute drive from our location for tent sizes 20’ x 40’ and smaller. We will install larger tents (40′ x 40′ and up) within a 45-minute drive from our location. For tent deliveries outside this range (up to a 1-hour, 15-minute drive from our location), a fee applies.

Tent Installation: For a complete description of site logistics, weather concerns, and location policies, please read our detailed Tent Policies and Procedures.

Reservations: Verbal inquiries by customers are never considered reservations. Items may not be removed from an order fewer than 4 days before the event. The customer may add items to an order at any time, subject to availability.

Rental Agreement:  All customers are required to sign a rental agreement prior to installation. If lessee named on agreement is unable to be present when installers are scheduled, please contact us at least one week in advance. A signature or email message stating approval of this form will be interpreted as binding with the terms and conditions stated on both sides of contract.  For a complete copy of rental contract terms and conditions, click here.

Scheduling: Our default installation days are Thursday and Friday, and take-down days are Sunday and Monday. If an event requires setup or take-down on a different day, a $45.00 fee may be added.

Deposits:  A valid credit card number and expiration date are required to secure your reservation. Rentals totaling less than $500.00 require a $50.00 deposit. Rentals totaling $500.00 or more require a $200.00 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.  School and church groups may be exempt from this requirement if prior arrangements are made. If unable to pay the deposit using a valid credit card number, our standard deposit amount can be paid using cash or check but the reservation is not confirmed until deposit is received.

Final Payments: Credit card and check final payments are due the Monday before the rental. In the case of a bounced or cancelled check, the customer will be responsible to reimburse us all associated costs from our banking institution. If the deposit was made using a credit card, the remaining balance will be automatically charged using the same credit card unless otherwise specified. If the customer refuses setup or delivery, he/she will be charged 50% of the rental fee.

Price Match Policy

  • Customer must provide a proposal/quote for a comparable product/item based on current pricing.
  • Competitor company must have a physical location within 50 miles of Hamburg, MI.
  • Item must be a comparable brand, size, model, and condition to the equivalent item available at Ward’s Rental Center.
  • Matched price must include all insurance, damage waivers, delivery fees, and other additional costs. (When all costs are factored in, Ward’s Rental Center price is often the most affordable!)
  • Rental time period must be for the exact same duration (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • Program may change without notice; please call Ward’s Rental Center for the most current information