20′ X 30′ Frame Tent

20′ x 30′ Anchor industries F3 Frame tents is a professionally installed tent consisting of a vinyl top strung through a fluted metal frame.   This is by far our highest end tent pound for pound.  Fluted aluminum framing shows on both the top and bottom of the tent.  This is achieved by using specialized frame track pieces with vinyl that runs through the track.  There is no center pole allowing for maximum utilization of tent space. Frame tents work well over driveways, in space restricted areas, or as an addition to larger tents for food prep or food service areas.  They require a 21 x 31 footprint for them to fit. Minimal anchoring is still required but can be accomplished straight down or away from the tent. Sidewalls, flooring, and lighting can be added to achieve the right effect for your event.

Attractive, easy to place, three-piece tops are made of  18 oz. mildew resistant, flame retardant vinyl laminated fabrics. Simply put, F3 Tents are cosmetically modern, great looking, and superior quality.

Stretch out in elegant, versatile, clear, open space unobstructed by interior center poles with the F3 Frame Tent. That means more room for seating, dancing, entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment. Great as an addition wedding party tent!

Also take a look at our Tent and Party Rental Accessories section. The 20′ x 30′ tent can seat up to 72 people

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